If you have recently been diagnosed with advanced cancer or a recurrence, the time to act is now!

Take Control of Your Future

The pre-surgical decision to collect living tumor tissue gives you the best chance at survival!

Live Tissue Science™️ can be the key to unlocking personalized treatments and revelations in cancer care. Research has proven that great knowledge can be gained from tumor tissue, including identifying new treatment options today and keeping tissue alive through our proprietary preservation process for access to medical advances in the future.

For advanced cancer or if your cancer has returned, finding the right treatment for you is more critical than ever. It’s time to move beyond the standard treatment of care to find a personalized treatment plan that will work for you.

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About SpeciCare

SpeciCare is revolutionizing the cancer research, clinical care and pharmaceutical industries to give patients their best chance at survival. By increasing access to living tumor tissue, SpeciCare empowers patients to take control of their tumor tissue to offer their doctors many additional options when standard of care is not enough. 

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