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Your Tumor Tissue is Like Your Fingerprint, Unique to Each Individual

It Contains Your Genetic Make-Up. Ultimately: It’s Your Cancer, Your Treatment

At SpeciCare, we change the standard treatment of care by offering significantly more options in a personalized treatment plan. If your cancer has returned, finding the most advanced treatment for you is more critical than ever. 


Save Your Tumor Tissue With SpeciCare

We work together with you and your surgeon.

Research has proven there is great knowledge to be gained from tumor tissue, an item commonly used by pathology and then thrown away as medical waste. We now know living tumor tissue may be the key to unlocking new personalized treatment options and revelations in cancer care that were not previously available.

By saving and preserving tumor tissue alive, we can offer individuals a new and significant validation step to effective therapies for long-term survival.
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Secure Ownership of Your Tissue

Did you know tissue collected during traditional biopsies and surgeries is owned by the institution who collects it?

No one fighting cancer can afford to go back to square one, should you switch care providers or seek a second opinion.

Take control of your future by requesting ownership of your living tumor tissue to better protect your future.

You get one chance to save your tumor tissue, don’t let it go to waste.
Call to speak with one of our patient advocates who can help guide you each step of the way

Patient Benefits

Benefits to Collecting And Storing Your Live Tumor Tissue


Storing tumor tissue opens the door to significant opportunities for long-term survival, including creating access to researchers, clinical trials, ex vivo therapy testing, clinical vaccines, organoid creation and more. More than half of patients who store their tumor tissue utilize a portion within the first year, creating access to new options that can be delivered locally with the patient’s own clinical care team.
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When time matters most, you want to be close to family and friends. With SpeciCare, we can send the tumor in your place as part of a result-directed treatment program and clinical recommendations administered by your local care team.


Organoid creation, access to clinical trials, genetic sequencing, individualized vaccine, tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs), chemo-sensitivity testing, and other precision medicine treatment options can help quickly pinpoint a treatment regimen right for you without unnecessary side effects and trial and error.


Science and medicine have come a long way in recent years. With Live Tissue Science™ we can advance treatment success rates from 10% to more than 70% … today.

Standard vs. Precision Medicine

Routine Therapies

Chemotherapy Targeted Therapies
Surgery Radiation Therapy
Genetic Sequencing (Only 10% of patients)

Individual Precision Medicine With SpeciCare

Access to Researchers
Pertinent Clinical Trials
Ex Vivo Therapy Testing
Personalized Therapies
Clinical Vaccines
Organoid Creation

Storing Your Tissue

The SpeciCare Process

Step 1

Connect with one of our patient advocates to discuss your cancer journey and to sign our SpeciDirective to take personal ownership of your tumor tissue. Your patient advocate is available to answer any questions you have along the way. Book Your Free Call Today

Step 2

Our SpeciKit® will be mailed to you for use day of surgery.

Step 3

Bring the kit with you to your surgery. Simple instructions will outline the process for your surgeon to collect and ship your tumor to us.

Step 4

Once your SpeciKit® is received, we will send you a report from a board-certified pathologist indicating the volume of stored tissue successfully preserved and ready for your use.

Step 5

We’re here to help guide you and your physician on how to best use your tumor tissue today and in the future.

Without SpeciCare...

There would be no more options for me; I’d be living with the tumor. Now I have hope….

Elissa Reynolds, Cancer Patient


Contact us for individual Pricing Information

We are committed to making live tumor storage accessible to as many individuals and their loved ones as possible. By working with leading industry experts in our field, we have developed a unique process for collecting and storing live tissue that has been validated and quality tested.

Pricing Includes

  • Legal documentation to gain control of your tissue
  • Tissue shipping/handling fees to the laboratory
  • Report from board-certified pathologist about the volume of stored tissue that was harvested and successfully preserved and ready for use
  • Patient Advocate Support Services
  • Collection kit (SpeciKit®)
  • Tissue processing & analysis
  • Tissue cryopreservation fees
  • Ongoing management/maintenance fees
DISCLAIMER: This cost covers consultations with SpeciCare patient advocates and experts who help educate, guide and direct living tumor usage by the patient and their referring physician. Additional retrieval, administrative and shipping fees will apply according to directed use of living tumor tissue. SpeciCare does not make medical decisions on behalf of the patient, but provides options and new avenues to consider with their clinical care team. The patient owns and controls usage of their living tissue with the help of their personal clinical care team.

For additional information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.