For more than 35 years, Ken Dixon, M.D., FACS, a surgeon with Surgical Oncology of Northeast Georgia, has treated cancer patients in his practice located in Gainesville, Ga. After a lifetime taking care of cancer patients, and telling a patient or a family member ‘there is nothing left to do’ Dr. Dixon began a journey to do more. Hear more of Dr. Dixon’s thoughts directly from him from this blog.

Too Late

One of the things I do as an oncologist is take care of a lot of patients with advanced cancer of the colon and rectum.  Many of these patients who have metastatic cancer go through surgeries and chemotherapies.  Many do well and survive, but a significant number...

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Alternative cancer treatment and SpeciCare

Alternative cancer treatments mean, to some, over-the-counter herbs and vitamins.  But these are not real alternatives to the solid standard of care cancer care available today.  Cancer care, as practiced by our highly trained community of cancer doctors and nurses,...

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Alternative vs standard of care cancer treatments

Each year in the United States we lose more than one out of every three patients who has cancer.  That adds up to 600,000 lives ended too early in the U.S. every year. Standard therapies have evolved since modern cancer surgery got its start around 1880, radiation...

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What is a tumor bank?

Let’s talk tumor bank basics. A tumor bank is a place to store tumor tissue, generally to be used for research purposes.  Tumor or cancer tissue can be stored in two basic ways. It can be stored after the cells have been killed by placing them in formalin and then...

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