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Step 1

Connect with one of our patient advocates to discuss your cancer journey and to sign our SpeciDirective to take personal ownership of your tumor tissue. Your patient advocate is available to answer any questions you have along the way. Book Your Free Call Today

Step 2

Our SpeciKit® will be mailed to you for use day of surgery.

Step 3

Bring the kit with you to your surgery. Simple instructions will outline the process for your surgeon to collect and ship your tumor to us.

Step 4

Once your SpeciKit® is received, we will send you a report from a board-certified pathologist indicating the volume of stored tissue successfully preserved and ready for your use.

Step 5

We’re here to help guide you and your physician on how to best use your tumor tissue today and in the future.

How Can SpeciCare Help You?

What Is Live Tissue Science™ [LTS™]?

By collecting live tissue, we can initiate research real-time, moving beyond routine therapies, creating access to researchers, clinical trials, ex vivo therapy testing, clinical vaccines, organoid creation and more. Our science does not stop there. We can utilize cryopreservation and access to patients’ blood to enable long-term cancer treatment options, including access to immunotherapy.

Exponential Testing

No longer limited to the three or four paths of treatment, we can test more than 300 drugs, all performed on live tissue vs the patient.

Tumor Travels

It no longer matters where you live or whether you feel comfortable traveling, we can collect, store and test your live tissue without you leaving your community.

Future Access

The second worst thing about being diagnosed with cancer is its recurrence.  The best way to fight cancer a first or second time is to have access to your live tissue.

Why You Need To Ask About Live Tissue Options

At SpeciCare, we’ll introduce you to options that never existed previously.

Trusting the Process

“Throughout my association with SpeciCare, I have been very impressed. Their willingness to innovate, think outside of the box, and jump over obstacles, has led me to trust their processes and organization. Nick virtually held my hand through the journey.  I truly appreciate the opportunity of pursuing a more personalized approach to having cancer treatment that was made possible by SpeciCare.”

Dr. Preeti Gupta, Physician and Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Beyond Borders … A Friend Helps A Friend

They were long-distance friends – from the US and Hong Kong – when one was diagnosed with a brain tumor requiring immediate surgery in Hong Kong.  The US friend shared a progressive new science from a company called SpeciCare.  Understanding the importance of moving quickly, SpeciCare coordinated with the patient, a neurosurgeon, and Hong Kong, China and US delegations to collect and transport the tissue to Dana Faber [Harvard] Cancer Institute in Boston. In 2016, there were 300,000 cases of brain and CNS cancer.  There were also 227,000 deaths globally. And for a cancer with a high reoccurrence rate, the Hong Kong patient who survived, sleeps peacefully knowing his tissue is preserved at Dana-Faber should he need to use it for future treatment.

Increase Your Chances

Take ownership of your tissue to increase your chances. By preserving your live tumor tissue, you’re unlocking the secret to personalized care, giving yourself the greatest chance of survival. Preserve your living tumor tissue today, to change your outcome for tomorrow.
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