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SpeciCare, a leading provider of living tissue tumor storage that is shaping the field of functional precision medicine, is excited to announce the additions of Bob Martin, Pat deGrouchy and Chris Knowles to the company’s executive leadership team.

  • Bob Martin, President and Chief Operating Officer– brings more than 30 years of finance and operations experience to SpeciCare, including CFO positions at Russell Athletics and various other multimillion-dollar companies.
  • Pat deGrouchy, Executive Vice President Business and Market Development– with three decades in life sciences technology and tenure at SpeciCare competitor StoreMyTumor, deGrouchy brings invaluable tumor tissue storage industry experience.
  • Chris Knowles, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer– brings more than 25 years in manufacturing operations across multiple countries and industries demonstrate his ability to adapt to changing needs and varied stakeholders.

Pictured (L to R): Chris Knowles, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer; Ken Dixon, MD, FACS, founder and Chief Executive Officer; Pat deGrouchy, Executive Vice President Business and Market Development; Bob Martin, President and Chief Operating Officer

“SpeciCare is dedicated to providing innovative, life-saving options to cancer patients through living tissue tumor storage, and while we’ve experienced great progress in 2018, we are ready take our company to the next level,” said Ken Dixon, M.D., FACS, founder and chief executive officer of SpeciCare. “Living tumor tissue is one of the key components for cancer patients looking to enter the new treatment space of functional precision medicine, and with the addition of Bob, Pat and Chris, we now have an executive leadership team in place who can propel SpeciCare’s growth and make storing live tumor tissue a viable option for as many patients as possible.”

Before joining SpeciCare, Martin served as a senior advisor to the company and consulted with various companies, including a start-up drug development company for treating cancer tumors. He also is on the board of Hedge Path Pharmaceuticals, which discovers, develops and plans to commercialize innovative therapies for patients with cancer.

“I believe that in leading the transformation of an industry from research for the masses to research for the individual we have the power to revolutionize cancer care and improve patient outcomes,” Martin said. “Living tumor tissue availability for the individual patient is the key to a new era in cancer care, and we are holding that key in our hands. It is the SpeciCare leadership team’s responsibility to get it out to the masses, a responsibility our team does not take lightly.”

deGrouchy originally joined SpeciCare in the fall of 2017 from StoreMyTumor, the only competing company in the market but with pricing three times higher than SpeciCare. Prior to his role at StoreMyTumor, deGrouchy held several senior-level positions at various life science companies that created new industry standards, including Nellcor in pulse oximetry and AG Mednet in the transfer of medical images. Given his experience in the industry, deGrouchy views SpeciCare’s work to make living tissue tumor storage more widely attainable to be the future of functional precision medicine.

“I have known Dr. Dixon for years and have been impressed by his understanding that cancer care needs to become more personalized for the patient,” deGrouchy said. “His passion to allow access to this cutting-edge precision medicine and personalized care for a significantly larger percentage of cancer patients is why I was excited to join the SpeciCare leadership team. My hope is that in five years, all households will understand the new options that can be created through live tissue storage and have access to the cutting-edge cancer therapy SpeciCare offers.”

Knowles is a highly accomplished and results-driven executive with a proven record of effective organizational development, problem solving and project management. His broad international experience across several industries gives him the exclusive ability to adapt to the unique challenges of each industry.

“As a cancer survivor myself, I am personally driven by working in an organization that focuses on meaningful improvement of patient care,” Knowles said. “I believe that under the direction of this leadership team we will quickly impact the future of cancer care and the lives of countless individuals.”
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About SpeciCare

B4CC Inc., doing business as SpeciCare, is an innovative company connecting cancer patients to new treatment options only available through storing the patient’s live tumor tissue. Serving as the missing link connecting routine clinical care to the most advanced medical treatments and the research community, SpeciCare’s goal is to arm patients with new options and innovative solutions that enhance their quality of life and improve their chances of survival. SpeciCare serves as a catalyst in the development of the cancer treatment field and utilization of research for the benefit of the cancer patient.