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Alternative cancer treatments mean, to some, over-the-counter herbs and vitamins.  But these are not real alternatives to the solid standard of care cancer care available today.  Cancer care, as practiced by our highly trained community of cancer doctors and nurses, provides standard therapies which have been shown to work over 60 percent of the time in curing patients with cancer.  This success rate is the result evolving cancer care delivery over the past 100 years. However, 40 percent of cancer patients still die of the disease.

The herbs and vitamins available over the grocery or drug store counter will not provide the alternative cancer treatments that will cure more patients.  More cancer cures will come from putting the patient and his or her physician in control of the patient’s medical records and tissues. This is the true alternative as well as an opportunity to build on the foundation of cancer care today.

In order for this this new world of cancer care to take place, the patient has to accept more responsibility for his or her medical care.  The individual patient has to say that he or she wants access to the electronic medical record. And it is all important that that individual state, “I demand control of a large part of my tumor tissue.  I want to save it in a living form. I want research to be done on my personal tumor to provide an opportunity for new treatment options. I want hope that new information about my tumor can give me a better chance for cure.”

We now know that each person’s cancer is different from the next person’s, even when the cancers are said to be the same.  Actually, the mutations in the genes and the immune responses to the tumors —and multiple other factors — are different from one patient to the next.  So each person has to have research on his/her tumor with that information delivered back to the patient and to his or her doctor. In this way, new information is created and available with which to make the best decisions in further diagnosis and treatment.

This patient-directed research and care for the cancer patient is very new.  Few have even heard about it yet. SpeciCare is a part of this new industry focused on the individual cancer patient.  SpeciCare has been created as a business to give individual patients that voice. SpeciCare means saving information specific to you.  SpeciCare means saving your tumor in a living frozen state under your control so that it can be thawed and then tested at the appropriate time. This will allow you to receive treatment based on the most information available about your specific situation.  

SpeciCare can give you and your doctor a central seat at the table where decisions have previously been made by the government or insurers or pharmaceutical companies without your input.  You, the cancer patient, need that say-so, and SpeciCare is the tool that can give you that power. SpeciCare provides alternatives. It gives you and your doctor more power to do what is best for you.  It promises hope for a better outcome or even a cure.