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This past Tuesday evening, I attended the nursing pinning ceremony for Shelia Thomas, who worked with me for the past fifteen years as a CNA before going back to nursing school.

At her ceremony, the main speaker played a powerful four minute video created by the Cleveland Clinic about empathy and compassion.  It starts with the quote by Henry David Thoreau, “Could a greater miracle occur than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?”

Take four minutes of your time to view the linked video.  The phrase “the human condition” includes many different aspects and meanings at different times in our lives.  This video captures a number of these situations in a compelling way.

We each must decide what our role is in life, where we fit in “the human condition.”  With SpeciCare, we have decided to work on only one of the aspects of the human condition, but an important one.  Our mission is to help the individual patient with cancer.  Our job is to help that man riding up the escalator.

Click here to view video